Complete month .78€
Minimum 5 Days .22,50€
IVA Included



1-18 Days 6€/Day (Max85€)
19 Days or more ... 85€
Complete month . 85€
Minimum 6 Days . 30€
IVA Included



1 - 18Days 6€/Day (Max85€)
19 Days or more ... 85€
Complete month . 85€
Minimum 5 Days . 30€
IVA Included

Covered Parking - Additional 0,25€/Day


Full Insurance, Fully licensed.
From 3€/day.

With Direct Airport Parking you win:


Time: We are based on the A7 motorway of San Julián Guadalmar Malaga (the quickest way)


Money: Save a lot! 50%, 70%... equal or better than other parkings in Malaga (parking Aena 18€/Day)


Safety: We have insurance for the vehicles and the parking. The vehicle do not leave the parking. Other companies collect your car and move it to other places, they can damage your vehicle or they dont know where your vehicle is located.


Comfort: Without waiting. We will take you to the airport, harbor or trainstation with our minibuses without waiting. Book and save time becouse we let you in the boarding gate with your luggage.



We give more for your money.

How to find us

Long Term

Direct Airport Parking Malaga makes it easy for you.
We take you to your destination with our Minibus, and also pick you up to bring you back to the parking

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